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    Comfortable Cat Hammock

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    The coziest cat bed you’ll find

    Your lovely cat will definitely enjoy a happy and relaxing rest by the window with our Comfortable Cat Hammock. Because Cats are always looking for a place where they can relax better with a comfortable place to sleep on.




    ✔ Hassle-free Installation: The Comfortable Cat Hammock can be installed and removed in seconds onto your window glass with the 4 big suction cups. No tools needed! 

    ✔ Comfortable and Relaxing: Best installed on windows so your cat can have a relaxing view of the outside work.  It's also a space-saving cat bed, without taking up valuable space in your home, your cat can also enjoy a front view of nature while basking.

    ✔ High-quality Materials: Comfortable Cat Hammock  the cat's body temperature won't overheat because of this cat bed cord's air permeability. In winter, add a mattress to this pet cat hammock so it will be the best cosy cat bed.

    ✔ Safe and Secured: This Cat Hammock uses high quality 3.35 "diameter suction cup. The thickened steel wire has a stronger bearing capacity. The steel wire has no burrs and does not hurt the cat.



    Made with Industrial Strength suction cups tested for maximum adherence, super sturdy PVC tubes, and Plastic Coated Stainless Steel Cables which provide exceptional stability.
    Can be mounted by any level of windows and save place. No tools needed and easy to follow the instruction guide to quickly and effortless installation. In no time, your cat will definitely have a super cozy bed by the window!



    ✔ Material: PP, PVC, Nylon
    ✔ Size: 55*35cm
    ✔ Load: about 20kg
    ✔ Color: as the picture show
    ✔ Weight: 625g

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